Surgical Instrument Testing: Ensuring Precision and Accuracy in Surgery

Surgical instruments are costly resources for a hospital. One cannot ignore the essentiality of maintenance and testing requirements for ensuring performance during surgery and patient care. The Sterile Processing department is responsible for processing and storing them. But there are other essentialities as well. Apart from cleaning and sterilizing, one needs to focus on the precision factor. Surgical instrument testing for reviewing the functionality is essential. Apart from functionality, the testing also plays an integral part in quality assurance. 

QC techniques for patient care with surgical instruments

Precision testing is a process that needs to be conducted simultaneously with sterility checks. Inspecting the surgical instruments for the correct functionality and size is an indispensable aspect of all the produced batches. The essentiality of reviewing each surgical instrument can never be neglected. A visual check for cleanliness and overall structural evaluation acts as the elementary step. 

Functionality testing for surgical instruments – Functional tests are essential for instruments and equipment pieces. Especially for medical equipment pieces, the functionality test reviews more than one parameter. Why? Because the results of the functionality test offer an accurate report on the overall utility and appropriateness of the product. In fact, it gives a high degree of confidence to the users and manufacturers. The test is highly recommended, as part of the analyzer operation during the manufacturing steps. Measurement uncertainty analysis may not be available with the results of the functional tests. The functionality tests get conducted within a defined temperature range focused on the critical physical and dimensional specifications of the surgical equipment. If the reports of the functionality test are not at par with the industrial standards, the performance gets inadequate.

Physical condition and cleaning – How does it play a critical role?

The physical condition of the surgical instrument is essential to review. But the various tests conducted on the dimension and size of the instrument may be insufficient. One needs to review the cleaning efficiency of the surgical instrument. It is a practical approach and essential for all surgical equipment pieces. The surgical instruments undergo rough handling and get scratches on the surface, attracting dirt. The damaged surfaces attract bacteria, making it potentially dangerous for medical staff and patients. Thus, cleanliness and the overall physical features of the instrument are essential. 

Determining the cleaning steps for various medical instruments

Healthcare centers contain a vulnerable environment with harmful pathogens, germs, and bacteria. It is necessary to maintain the best cleaning practices and comply with the industrial protocols. Otherwise, sterilizing and disinfecting the medical devices would be impossible. Cleaning the medical equipment pieces reduces health risks and safeguards patients and caregivers from potentially harmful material.

Alongside the cleaning protocols, the caregivers must follow the ideal practices for restricting the spread of pathogens. The ideal practices for such a proactive step mandate PPE, rubber gloves, face shields, aprons, splash shields, shoe covers, etc. These may not be part of the surgical instruments, but essential for quality maintenance. The environment at the healthcare center and its functionality determine the level of sterilization or disinfection. 

Essentiality of sterilization for the instruments

Most medical and surgical instruments at healthcare facilities are heat stable. Therefore, the testing steps include heat, primarily steam, and sterilization. It includes surgical instruments, biopsy forceps, etc. But some other medical devices and instruments may get non-functional with the heat application. Thus, the various types of testing and critical components differ with the instrument type. 

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