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IRCLASS Systems and Solutions Pvt Ltd (ISSPL) Lab Services help different business to become future ready with its offerings across the industries including new product and process development, innovation, improvement and testing are essential features of healthy brands.We help our clients make critical product development decisions with confidence. Discover previously unseen insight, new paths, and new possibilities, drive smarter decision, and unlash new opportunities for better results.We develop new food product to introduce in the market and to customize according to the consumer preferences that can be used to promote your brand. You’re assured of getting a dynamic, cost effective, innovative product of desired nutrients, vitamins, trace elements, self-life and other specification.


Our key research product here is water purifier, air purifier, pollution control devices, solar devices, AHU, ETP, STP etc.

IRCLASS Systems and Solutions Pvt Ltd (ISSPL) Labs uniquely positioned to help connect research with commercialization, so you can optimize your product development strategy and focus your investment on the most promising product or services.

We leverage the latest technology, advance analytics, domain expertise and knowledge to generate insights that enables excellence in execution of product development or R&D services to meet every customer need.

We outsource our experienced technical staff for running laboratory at customer place.

Training Services

Training for laboratory personnel in all industries are required for lab efficiency and productivity, but also for your career success. At ISSPL Lab, we’re dedicated to providing you flexible, cost-effective training options to help you reach your goals.

Classroom training provides hands-on learning in our Jaipur Laboratory and training manual is also included.

  1. Instrument learning- HPLC, GC, ICP-MS, LC-MS/MS, GC-MS/MS
  2. Food Analysis, Food Quality and Safety Training
  3. Various research on Food product developments
  4. Various research programme on Environment protection and sustainability

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Naman Sharma
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Great lab I came across. The hands-on training in ISSPL's Laboratory has enriched my instrument learning and food analysis knowledge.
Jai Tayal
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Helped me a lot. ISSPL's food quality and safety training has enabled me to conduct various research projects on food product developments confidently.
Kesar Jabaliya
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ISSPL's dedication to environmental protection and sustainability, showcased through diverse research programs, has motivated me to impact the environment positively.

Frequently Asked Questions

The classroom training provides hands-on learning in our Jaipur Laboratory, focusing on instrument learning and food analysis.
Yes, a comprehensive training manual is provided to supplement the learning experience.
The training covers HPLC, GC, ICP-MS, LC-MS/MS, and GC-MS/MS.
The training encompasses various aspects of food analysis, quality, and safety.
ISSPL conducts various research programs focusing on food product development, environmental protection, and sustainability.

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IRCLASS Systems and Solutions Pvt Ltd (ISSPL) laboratory is one of the leading analytical testing service providers in India. We are recognized as the most reliable quality and safety testing laboratory for food and agriculture, pharmaceuticals, ayush and environment services to a wide spectrum of industries.