IRClass Systems and Solutions Labs is a multicultural company and work across regions, cultures, roles, and disciplines. Joining with us will give you the opportunity to collaborate with skilled professionals and meet people from different cultures.

As part of our business expansion, we count on talented people who thrive on challenges to contribute to the growth and success of us. We are fast growing company setting out our operations across the country and other markets.

We value people who are willing to work beyond the hard lines of a job-description and who are strongly committed to what they do, to themselves and to the company that they work for. We aim to provide an environment that is friendly, and where people are happy to come to work every day.

Our compensation structure is designed to attract the best talent in the industry. We are looking for motivated individuals across levels in different functional areas of laboratory operations, inspection, research & development, consultant, microbiologist, scientists, sales, field sampler, marketing, accounts, inspection, HR and purchase etc. We are also looking for consultants and freelancer.

If you want to help build a market-leading business, please send your CV to, mentioning the function in the subject line.

Note:  We never ask candidates for payments for employment. Should a candidate be asked for money, ignore the request.

You are the safest here...

IRCLASS Systems and Solutions Pvt Ltd (ISSPL) laboratory is one of the leading analytical testing service providers in India. We are recognized as the most reliable quality and safety testing laboratory for food and agriculture, pharmaceuticals, ayush and environment services to a wide spectrum of industries.